Starting in January, all ladies
start saving and buying for the
Lutheran World Relief Kits.

Fabric Kits
Personal Care Kits
School Kits
Baby Care Kits
Sarah Circle #1
1st Tuesday at 9:30am

Joanna Circle #4
1st Sunday at 6:00pm

Eve Circle #5
1st Tuesday at 7:00pm

Please come out
and join us!
We support all nursing
homes with helpful
activities, visits, seasonal
parties, birthday parties,
flowers, Bingo, lima bean
auctions, and materials
for their crafts.
The ladies of the WELCA at Mt. Zion Lutheran Church
are a very active part of the church.


The ladies do this with visits to all of those with special
concerns in our congregation and help them in needed
ways.  We have fundraisers for Corner Table Kitchen,
Safe Harbor Rescue Mission, ECCCM, and others.  
We do all this with our chicken pies, BBQ and Bunco
Circle Meeting Times
We collect pennies all year
for designated women
missions in North Carolina.
We collect toiletries for Hospice.
We give Christmas stockings
to the Salvation Army for the
children in our community.
We collect coats, hats, scarves, and gloves
for the homeless children and adults.
There are three Circles (a group of ladies that get together for Bible
Sudy and fellowship) for any lady that wishes to join.
Please see the list at the top right corner of this page for meeting times.